I want to meet you where you are – on your Jewish, human, and spiritual journey. I strive to create sacred spaces that are inclusive, welcoming, accessible, and soulful. I welcome all forms of ritual expression – traditional or creative, as long as they are authentic and meaningful. I hope to be one of your guides – to learn together, to celebrate together, and to walk with you through the difficult moments.

My purpose is to share life’s journey with others in ways that help them awaken in ever deepening awareness to God’s presence in this world. I seek to translate Jewish tradition as a technology of the spirit – a framework for perception and doing that allows individuals and communities to be in relationship around living lives of purpose and meaning. In this calling, I strive to reflect every person’s inherent worth and Divine image so they can be empowered to be co-creators in God’s world, honoring relationship and connection as the cosmic fabric of reality in which we participate.

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