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Spiritual Leader, Speaker, and Writer

Rabbi K’vod Wieder has served Temple Beth El of South Orange County since 2011. He has been teaching classes, leading retreats, and counseling students in meditation and Jewish spirituality since 1997.

He is husband to Ilana Rogel-Wieder and the father of Levi, Aiden, and Aviv.


My purpose is to share life’s journey with others in ways that help them awaken in ever deepening awareness to God’s presence in this world. I seek to translate Jewish tradition as a technology of the spirit – a framework for perception and doing that allows individuals and communities to be in relationship around living lives of purpose and meaning. In this calling, I strive to reflect every person’s inherent worth and Divine image so they can be empowered to be co-creators in God’s world, honoring relationship and connection as the cosmic fabric of reality in which we participate.


K’vod sharing Jewish spirituality through teaching, retreats, and counseling in the United States.

For the last 26 years, K’vod has been teaching classes, leading retreats, and counseling students in meditation, prayer, and creative forms of Jewish spirituality in the United States. 

He has served as the assistant director of Chochmat HaLev – a Jewish meditation center in Berkeley, program director for Sonoma County Jewish Federation, director of the B’nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy Program for the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, program director for Elat Chayyim Center of Jewish Spirituality, and trained and interned with Jewish Funds For Justice and One L.A. in the area of congregation-based community organizing. 

In 2001, K’vod created and implemented the first county-wide post-bnai mitzvah program in Sonoma County, and won the Etz Chayyim award for Informal Jewish education at the National Conference for Informal Jewish Education in 2005. 

K’vod is a rabbi for Temple Beth El of South Orange County.

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