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Meeting you where you are – on your Jewish, human, and spiritual journey

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I am a spiritual leader, speaker, and writer.

I strive to create sacred spaces that are inclusive, welcoming, accessible, and soulful. I welcome all forms of ritual expression – traditional or creative, as long as they are authentic and meaningful.

I am particularly interested in the practice of meditation to help us live in a deeper and more soulful way.

I hope to be one of your guides – to learn together, to celebrate together, and to walk with you through the difficult moments.

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Article cover for Understanding And Connecting With Soul

Pathways To Wonder, Blessing, and Deeper Connection In Our Relationships

This book is for all individuals who want to grow and learn about ourselves, others, and the Sacred, through relationships, and who want to experience ...
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“What Does God Want of Us?”: An Exploration of Shabbat and Halakhah.

The fulfillment of the halakhah across the generations is the perpetual human answer to the divine call, “Where are You.” When we ask ourselves ...
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We Become What We Practice

While experiences and other people can challenge us to grow on our journey, our ability to meet those people and experiences with consciousness and intention ...
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